Higher Education Learning and Teaching 503 (30 points)

HELT 503 – Researching Higher Education
2/3 • CRN 25093 • (P) HELT 501

For those who have completed HELT 501, HELT 503 offers an opportunity to develop a higher education research proposal, in line with participants’ individual educational research interests. This course surveys a range of higher education research approaches, with a focus on the ways in which different research methods can be used to address specific research questions. Participants will develop a specific education research question related to their own discipline, as the basis of a research project to be undertaken in HELT 504, or for a research grant application to an internal/external teaching and learning body.
This course is offered in Trimester Two only

Meeting time two hours weekly: Schedule to be advised, (Kelburn)

For further information, please contact: Amanda Gilbert.

Email: Amanda Gilbert

Telephone: 463 5927

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