Centre for Academic Development Staff


Dr Liz Jones, Associate Professor. Director

Phone: 463 9696
Email: liz.jones@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 203

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Linda Bowden, Evaluations and Reviews Administrator
Student evaluation of teaching and courses

Phone: 463 5306
Email: Linda.Bowden@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10

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Dr Irina Elgort, Senior Lecturer
Higher Education: Educational technology and e-learning

Phone: 463 5970
Email: Irina.Elgort@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 107

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Dr Amanda Gilbert, Lecturer
Academic staff development and support

Phone: 463 5927
Email: Amanda.Gilbert@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 102

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Dr Meegan Hall, Lecturer
Academic Development

Phone: 463 5793
Email: Meegan.Hall@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 202

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Dr Bernadette Knewstubb, Lecturer
Academic Development

Phone: 463 6416
Email: Bernadette.Knewstubb@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 106

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Dr Stephen Marshall, Senior Lecturer
Educational technology support, strategy and policy development

Phone: 463 5205
Email: Stephen.Marshall@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 105

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Anna Nguyen, CAD Administrator

Phone: 463 9786
Email: Anna.Nguyen@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 204

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Kwong Nui

Kwong Nui Sim, Lecturer
Educational technology and e-learning

Phone: 463 5641
Email: KwongNui.Sim@vuw.ac.nz
Room: WR10 103

Dr Kathryn Sutherland, Senior Lecturer
Academic staff development and support

Phone: 463 5795
Email: Kathryn.Sutherland@vuw.ac.nz
Room: 10WTA 106
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