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This page provides access to the student feedback collected for Victoria courses up to the last completed trimester (starting with 2010). Below, you can select a specific course to view the feedback from the most recent offering in the database. Note: courses which have been offered recently may not yet have that information reflected in this report if the feedback results have not yet been added to the database.

Please note that in accordance with the VUW Student Feedback on Teaching and Courses Policy, student feedback on courses must be sought in the first year that a new or substantially revised course is offered and at least once in every three offerings of a course and not less frequently than once in four years. This means that feedback is not necessarily sought for each course each year. The summaries that appear here are the latest feedback and will be replaced when a new evaluation for that course has been carried out (once the trimester has completed).

Interpreting Student Feedback Summaries

The summary shows the median response for the standard 11 questions. The first column of numbers is the median of question responses for the same Faculty, the second column is the response for this course offering. Smaller numbers are better for all questions except question 5 where 3.0 is the ideal result.

Feedback results represent an average of the responses provided by students in a given course and are only one of the factors that describe the quality of the course and the outcomes experienced by students. In many cases conflicting feedback is provided by students and needs to be considered by staff when deciding how to improve courses for the future. Feedback responses are influenced by a variety of factors including the level of the course, whether it is a required paper for a qualification, and how well it has been organised, and consequently cannot be treated as a definitive statement of the quality of a course.

When the number of responses (< 10) or the proportion of responding students (< 20%) is low, an additional warning will be displayed and in these cases the summary should be treated as only potentially indicative of the experience of students in the course, as the sample is insufficient.

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